Fat-deficient skin has sebum production, but its amount is less than needed, resulting in a smaller amount of fatty phase in the skin. The emulsion layer formed by the cornea, sebaceous glands and lipids becomes damaged and dry easily. Although keratin fat is produced during the development of keratin, but only in an inadequate quantity, thus the skin becomes dehydrated. Keratin formation slows down, the skin is unable to bind water, thus makes moisturization more difficult. Redness appears on the skin, it itches and peels like powder. It may be excessively or moderately fat-deficient. Moisturization, replacement of the missing lipid layer, and restoration of adequate moisture of the keratin layers are the primary goals. It develops due to various reasons. It may be internal, such as hormonal or genetic but can also be caused by external effects, for example, environmental effects, lifestyle or inadequate care. Free radicals play an important role in the ageing process.  They are extremely reactive elemental particles, which damage the DNA stock of the cells, disrupt their metabolic processes and the cell membranes. It lead to cell death, and oxidize them, which lead to the ageing of the body. The endocrine system, the operation of the endocrine glands, plays an important role in the ageing process.

Yamuna-Prestige has developed a perfect skin-renewing, skin-building product line that successfully combats skin ageing.  It provides pampering, regenerative treatments, and gives a spectacular result.

Yamuna Prestige Mature, Alipic Skin Care Set contains the following items:

Cleansing milk for mature, alipic skin 250ml
Alcohol-free toner for mature, alipic skin 250ml
Fruit acid peeling for mature, alipic skin 100ml
Utrasound gel for mature, alipic skin 250ml
Nourishing mask for mature, alipic skin
Serum for mature, alipic skin 100ml
Massage cream for mature, alipic skin 250ml
Day cream SPF15 for mature, alipic skin 50ml
Plant-based massage oil for mature, alipic skin 100ml
Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 19 cm


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